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My goal for this blog is for it to become the place to follow the NFL playoff races. Traditional media begin detailed coverage of the playoff races only during the last quarter of the season. But most fans that I know start thinking about their team’s chances much earlier. I wrote my NFL prediction software in order to have an objective way of following the playoff races. A few of my fellow geeks might be motivated enough to give the software a try, but most fans would probably just like to get the results without having to run the software themselves. 

My plan is to post commentary on the general playoff races in this blog. Since I am a Chiefs fan, I’ll also post detailed analysis of their playoff chances by analyzing various scenarios, which will have significant impact on the AFC West and to a lesser extent on the AFC in general, depending on how the playoff races shake out. That still leaves seven divisions that I won’t have time to analyze in detail. I’d really like to have someone posting similar analyses for each of the other seven divisions. If you are interested in being a content provider for one of the other divisions, using the software at nfl-forecast.com as the basis of your commentary, send me an email at admin@nfl-forecast.com   



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